Your paragraph should be a discussion of one of the discuss

Your paragraph should be a discussion of one of the discussion questions OR something you found particularly surprising, interesting, or disturbing in the readings. With both options, please develop a statement or thesis (and underline it!) that clearly expresses your answer to the question or reaction to the reading, and then support and explain that statement or thesis by discussing specific examples or illustrations from the readings. The purpose of the response paragraphs is to help you gather your thoughts before section discussion, and to hone your skills of communication and analysis. 1. Lin Zexu’s letter to Queen Vitoria 2. The socialist Era ( about the new democracy) ‘Hinton’ 3. About the new law( In the past, males have a higher status than females) ‘Li Fengjin’ all the reading responses should relate to the reading i uploaded. Don’t find any other materials outside the assigned reading and also no citations. All of the words should be personal.

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