Your assignment is to create a mental health brochure on one

Your assignment is to create a mental health brochure on one of the three mental health illnesses below (generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder) in order to educate the community. Your brochure should be designed to be displayed in a doctor’s office, hospital or school to educate the public about the causes, symptoms and treatments of mental illness. Your brochure should include graphics, related statistics and be visually appealing. To see a basic example of a medical education brochure see the following link: brochure must address or answer the following questions on your chosen mental illness:Chose one of the following disorders below:Generalized anxiety disorderSchizophreniaBipolar disorderWhat is the definition of your chosen mental illness?How many people are affected by your chosen mental illness?What factors contribute to or cause your chosen mental illness?What treatments exist for your chosen mental illness? Which treatment(s) are most effective?Select any of the following states located in the Gulf of Mexico region to gather data on the local community: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida. Research the percent of adults reporting poor mental health status by race and ethnicity at the following site: You can refine your state location by making selections on the left of the website. Include the data for your chosen state in your brochure.Research your chosen state’s ranking on mental health at the following site: . How does this compare to the self-reported data you found in question #5? Include this data and briefly discuss in your brochure.What resources are available in your chosen state to help someone gain knowledge about their mental health diagnosis?There are several software options for making brochures, see the following videos for options:Making brochures in Microsoft Word:

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