Youmust write one discussion and two replies, I will post m

Youmust write one discussion and two replies, I will post my classmates’sdiscussions, you can according to their discussion, write two repliesrespectively. The discussion should write about 300 words, and eachreply should write 200 words. Do not write more than the words. Accordingto the problem, you can choose a common thing. And you can also have aconsult about the discussion I posted. But do not copy, Express moreyour own opinions.Tipsfor success: Remember to choose a problem that is not too broad, toospeculative, or too complicated. However, you can focus on a difficultor challenging problem. Consider focusing on a local problem. Choosesomething that is significant or meaningful to you–perhaps somethingthat relates to your major, your profession, your current job, yourcommunity, or your extra-curricular or volunteer activities.First one,Formy Problem Analysis assignment, I plan to look at ‘summer melt’ in highschool seniors going to college in the fall. Summer melt is a problemthat occurs when students who are enrolled in a college do not end upattending in the fall because of lack of interest and motivation overthe summer. I am going to be looking at this problem and how it affects atarget population of low-income and first generation students becausethese are the students most at risk. I am also going to be looking atthis problem in the Thumb area of Michigan where I am from.Somecauses of summer melt may be that low-income students are not able tofinance their education and then decide not to attend in the fall.Another cause may be that either low-income or first generation collegestudents feel that they are not well enough prepared or ready forcollege and decide to back out. Finally, a cause that I will be lookinginto is that students do not have counselors or teachers working withthem on a daily basis and therefore do not feel motivated to continuetheir education.Theconsequences of summer melt is that those students who do not continuetheir education in the fall will not benefit from a college education.This could lead to lower wages, or less job opportunities in the futurefor those individuals. Another consequence could be more barriers ingoing to college if these students decide to enroll at a later date.This topic is very interesting to me because it relates highly to what Ido as a college/career adviser right now and what I hope to do in afull-time position in the upcoming year.Second one,Iam mostly leaning toward researching the Flint water crisis, becausethis is a current event. It is an event that is constantly being talkedabout on the news and other forms of social media. I believe I could notonly inform the audience I’m writing to, but I could also inform myselfabout the facts regarding this specific subject. I live very close toFlint, and I would like to research something local. Asfar as potholes in Saginaw, this is being caused by the various weatherchanges. With constant freezing and thawing happening, it is causingour roads to expand and contract, thus leaving a pothole. Consequencesthat are coming from this issue are; ruined vehicles, tire loss, andmaybe even car accidents if sever enough. People could be having tospend lots and lots of money repairing their cars due to the depth ofsome of these potholes. It can be very frustrating.Causesfor crime in Downtown Saginaw mostly steam from unemployment, and lackof education for specific jobs. Not enough money is beingraised/circulated within the community to better that side of town.There are numerous consequences that go along with these crimes. To namea few; people are scared for their safety, death rates are going up,and even people moving out of the Downtown area, causing any income thatwas coming in, now leaving.Lastly,Flint water crisis. The cause of this happening was the switch ofpipelines from Detroit to Flint to try and save money for the community.Due to lead being leaked into the water, people can no longer drink tapwater. The consequences from this, would have to be sick individualsfrom finding lead in their blood flow. Also, death could arise if nottreated quickly, and even expense could play a factor. Families on veryfixed incomes now have to purchase water bottles from the store, just tohave safe water. Over time, that expense will very much so add up.IfI could get any feedback about my various topics that I want to study,that would be great. Like I said, I am leaning toward researching theFlint water crisis but honestly cant choose between potholes in Saginawand Flints water crisis. Let me know what you think would be best andthe most informative. Thanks so much!

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