You are required to respond to the Learning Outcomes and Ref

You are required to respond to the Learning Outcomes and Reflections Forum by creating a minimum of 300 word reflective statement describing your personal learning outcomes and how your achievement of the learning objectives and the new knowledge you have gained during the five (5) weeks affected your thought processes, development, professional growth and how you will apply this knowledge in your professional, personal, and/or academic life.Ensure you format any citations and references in your reflective statement according to APA standards.The objective of this course is to learn and achieve the following: 1)Introduction to Wireless Communications2)Wireless Data Transmission3)Understanding Radio Frequency Communications4)How Antennas Work5)Signal Propagation Large scale Path Loss6)Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks7)High Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks8)Small-scale path Loss fading and multi-path9)Low-Speed Wireless Local Area Networks10)Equalizers11)Wireless Data Communications12)Multiple Access Schemes13)Bluetooth Technology14)Wireless Networks15)Extending WLANs and WLAN Security

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