You are needed to design a global organizations network.

You are needed to design a global organization’s network. This organization has approximately 600 employees distributed evenly among six different departments. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA, and it has major offices in Madrid, Spain, Tokyo, Japan, and Sydney, Australia. Discuss your IP addressing scheme and whether you implemented subnetting or Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR).Design the following for availability, reliability, and performance. Explain and support your choices. Include a table of components, quantity, and prices:Local area network (LAN) (host to switch using a hybrid of cables and wireless options) LAN backbone design (utilizing fiber optics) Wide area network (WAN) design with a primary connection and backup connection for redundancy IP addressing scheme for the organization’s network (Class B private network address) Summation as to how design addresses availability, reliability and performance requirements Describe recommendations regarding network security such as hardware and security policy Suggest high level disaster recovery or business continuity plan Prepare a Word document that is between 6–8 body pages in length. Add a title page and abstract. Citations and references must be in APA format. Include diagrams that illustrate your backbone and WAN design. **I have included a document with information that I’ve come up with**

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