Write An Op-Ed intended for the Seattle Times ○ 650 words

Write An Op-Ed intended for the Seattle Times ○ 650 words or less ○ Take a stance on The Local Food Initiative for King County ○ Weigh both sides of the argument ○ Come to a conclusion Structure of the Op-Ed: Exposition ○ Not opinion, but facts ○ Sets the stage/prepares the background for the argument ○ Reflect on what you have learned in class Rebuttal/Support ○ Take a stance on the issue. Do you think it will be successful? Do you think that people will be negatively or positively affected? ○ Reflect on evidence provided by readings and lectures to support your argument Conclusion ○ Summarize what you consider the best course of action Criteria/Rubric (total 20 points): Exposition: Summarize the background on the current issue ● What is the proposed initiative? (2pts) ● How does the proposed initiative influence the local food environment? (2pts) ● What are the current health disparities tied with this issue? (2pts) Rebuttals/Conflict:*BULLET POINTS CAN BE USED IN THIS SECTION ● What is your opinion on implementing this initiative? (2 pts) ● Supply three statements that support your opinion. Use the information presented in class, either from lecture, guest speakers, or readings. If you oppose the initiative, please provide a solution you feel better tackles the issues (3 pts) Conclusion ● Draft a brief conclusion that restates the current issue, the initiative proposed, and your supporting or opposing argument (6 pts) ● Include word count at bottom of page (1 pt) Grammar, flow/organization, spelling, word count (2 pts) ● Mastery of grammar is shown. Paper flows and ideas are clear. Word limit is not exceeded Please write the Op-Ed follow the above criteria. Be sure to read the King county report carefully in order to answer the questions.

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