Work has to be original, no plagiarismFor this assignment,

Work has to be original, no plagiarismFor this assignment, you will synthesize all of your Work (see attached) to create a final, complete proposal and project plan for CSIC.Scenario:The City Security Insurance Company (CSIC) has approved your first proposal, accepted your budget, and approved your recommendation regarding a corporate blog. For the final pieces of your proposal, CSIC would like you to provide a mock-up of the new corporate website to present to CSIC management and create a realistic project plan with due dates for each task.Using the information you have provided in the past Critical Thinking Assignments:Create a website map showing how you suggest CSIC pull all of the information from your proposal into one website.Storyboard the website in PowerPoint to include: 2 views of the new CSIC home page (include a link for CSIC employees)Then, using those 2 views, create slides showing:2 different ways to link to the new services2 views with the new locations added differently2 possible blog designs2 visual ways to handle the text for all global end users3 examples of effective and acceptable visuals for all global end usersCreate a 15 – 20 slide presentation. Feel free to create a new logo and use color effectively. For each slide, create an explanation of the slide and provide your rationale for your selection in the notes section.Create a 15-20 item project timeline to include the item and the due date at a minimum. You may wish to include the due date to the first reviewer, time for corrections or changes, the due date to CSIC, and a due date for approval. You may use any software to create your project plan and can display it as a graph or table.For each item on your timeline, include a rationale for including it in the timeline.Your final document should be a proposal that includes:The proposal completed in Module 1 with corrections and changes suggested by your instructor.The budget completed in Module 5 with updates to include the addition of the analytical report blogging, the creation of a blog (if applicable), and cost for the time spent creating the website map and storyboard.The analytical report on the blog design completed in Module 6.The website map and PowerPoint storyboard presentation with notes explaining your website mapping and design.A 3-4 page conclusion for CSIC explaining how you plan to implement this project using a timeline. The timeline should be attached to the end of the conclusion if it is not embedded.Your submission should include a cover and a table of contents. Label each section clearly. Make sure your reports, notes, and any text on the slides are well written, use APA Requirements, and have the proper citation, as needed. Cite at least three credible sources.

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