wk 4 – 7 Unit II – Synthesis & Narration (“Becoming

wk 4 – 7: Unit II – Synthesis & Narration (“Becoming a Real Person” & “Does College Serve Any Purpose?”) Developing and focusing a thesisIntroduction to incorporating and combining sources (“synthesis”) Forthis second essay, we will be exploring, in a more personal way, someideas surrounding the concept of education, generally, and highereducation, specifically. Why are we at college? What is it all for?What is the role of higher education in a society? What is it to us,individually? What does it mean to be educated? We will be exploringsome of these questions together, and in our readings. You will reflecton your own ideas, as they relate to these readings and discussions.Once we have some ideas, we will begin casual, online research to locateat least one additional, related article for use in the essay. Youraudience for this essay is the student body at Any college. We are topretend that this essay will be submitted for publication in our schoolnewspaper. Your purpose is to get students to reflect themselves on thepurposes of being in college, of getting an education. You may even wishto nudge them toward a specific reason you feel is correct. To engagethem, your discussion must be interesting and informative, butimportantly, fun. How can you capture and retain their attention?How can you effectively communicate your ideas? How might you persuadethem that this is important to consider? (Understanding and establishingthe “Rhetorical Situation” is essential for this essay: Who is writing to whom, about what, and why?) __________________________ Specifications: -3+ pages, MLA format-1+ additional source(s), using in-text citations and “Works Cited” page-Use of our “Integrating Quotations” methods-Considerations tone and audiencePLEASENOTE this essay is for a ESL class English as second language so pleasedon’t use strong structured English and have it be as if it is writtenby a students whose second language is english

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