Week One Homework Part One The Literature Review1.Select

Week One Homework Part One: The Literature Review1.Select a business dilemma or management question. To get the most outof this class, select a dilemma/question that is relevant to yourcurrent or desired job.Ex:Social media is quite prevalent in today’s society. Manyorganizations want to tap into the power of social media for marketingpurposes. What is the most effective way to do that…. Hmmm maybe Ishould do some research…2.Google searches are fine for every day questions, but how do you knowthe information you find it legitimate. Contrary to popular belief,just because something is posted online, doesn’t mean it is accurate.With that in mind, consult your local library or our online journalresources for peer reviewed books and journal articles to help answeryour question. Schiller library resources are located under the“Additional Resources” link on the course menu. You may find commonthemes in your initial search that will lead to a deeper search of likeitems and/or secondary resources. 3. Evaluate the value of each of the sources you selected.4.In the real world, sometimes you will be able to stop at this stagebecause you will have found your answers. Other times you may have todo your own research. For this assignment and for this class, we aregoing to assume additional research is necessary. For this part of the assignment please do the following: Identifythe question/dilemma (from Part Two) and at least (4) four legitimatepeer reviewed sources that attempt to address your dilemma/question(Part One).Prepareat 4-5 page literature review of your sources. Remember, a literaturereview is not a research paper. You are simply summarizing andsynthesizing the information you collected. It is NOT copying andpasting the information as plagiarism is a violation of Universitypolicy and will result in a 0 for this assignment.Besure your literature review is well organized, formatted in APA, andincludes a reference page (which is NOT part of the 4-5 page count). Part Two: Management Question/Research QuestionInthe first part of this assignment you identified a work place problemand located peer reviewed literature to conduct a literature review.Now you are going to turn your work place problem into a managementquestion/research question. You will use this research question as thebasis for your research during the next four weeks. You need to have anaudience for your question because you will have to write and deploy asurvey next week. If you are not currently employed or do not think youcan come up with an audience for your area of research, please e-mail meASAP. I will help you brainstorm ideas on where to find your surveyaudience. Let’ssay the dilemma you used for your literature review was about thecauses or impact of declining employer morale. Your question might be’How can we improve employee moral’ or ‘Will improving employee moraleincrease our productivity?’ You get the idea.Sincethis is a four week course, you do not want to tackle a topic thatrequires a six month observation period. So if your question is aboutemployee morale, don’t expect to solve the problem with your research,you might be looking to find out your team’s thoughts on the impact ofthe current culture or how they feel some of the literature bestpractices might fare in your work place. For this part of the assignment you need to: Write a research question that goes with your work place dilemma and literature review Keepin mind the work place dilemma is a big picture issue, the literaturereview tries to look at that and give you clues to possibleinterventions. Your research question is about an intervention or idea.Example:If my work place problem is student satisfaction is not as high as Iwould like, I would research student satisfaction in online highereducation. I would learn that often times students feel alone andreally want to feel engaged and like they are an important part of theorganization. My research question might be: Would a weekly videooverview and discussion lecture improve student satisfaction in anonline classroom as compared to courses at the same institution that donot use these tools? Identify your data collection method Howwill you collect your data to find out the answer to your researchquestion. Per the final project directions, you are going to use asurvey so your research problem has to be conducive to a survey.Perception, satisfaction, etc are all good topics for survey data. Tell me what type of study you believe you are going to do based on this week’s reading. Thereare different types of research studies. It is important to pick astudy type that fits with your project. Research study types areoutlined in your reading. Be sure to select one and explain why it isthe best fit. In total you should have a 5-6 page paper that: identifies a research questionincludes a literature review from four (4) legitimate resourcesidentifies the data collection methodidentifies and justifies the type of study you plan to perform Allpapers need to be in APA format, which includes a cover page andreferences as a separate document not included in the 5-6 pagerequirement.The grading rubric for written assignments is located under the “Grading Expectations” link on the course menu.Helpful Links for this Assignment:http://guides.library.ucsc.edu/write-a-literature-reviewhttp://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/literature-reviews/sample_apa_style_litreview(1).pdf

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