Two parts of work. Part 1- using recording technology to c

Two parts of work. Part 1- using recording technology to create a piece of music in musique concrete tradition and examine your auditory environment. Making listeners learn about your everyday life through your music piece and make a statement about what sounds are significant and meaningful. Musique concrete tradition: taking sounds from the environment and manipulating them to create a musical exploration of everyday sounds. Requirements: in mp3 format. Record and organized sounds from your environment, (enable you to explain why you chose them and how you used them in your piece.) CAN NOT be one continuous recording of the environment. Choose which to include, and editing them (cutting, copying and pasting) Part 2- 1000 words written reflection Discuss your creative process and decisions, and what your piece capture and communicates about your daily life. Including: Discussion of the tradition you choose and what particular aspects of works in that tradition informed your approach to the projectDiscussion of how you selected sounds and chose to organize them, in terms of both their musical qualities and what you sought to capture and communicate about daily lifeAnything additional a listener should know in order to fully appreciate the piece.Discoveries made, or insights arrived at through the process of making the piece.

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