The Week 6 discussion is based on the Management in Action

The Week 6 discussion is based on the Management in Action case study found at the end of Ch. 4 on pp. 131-133 of the Kinicki and Williams book. The case looks at an issue facing a growing number of companies, that is, competition in the global marketplace. Operating globally is a major challenge that you need to understand. Through this assignment, you will gain insight into the issues commonly confronted by companies going global. First, to familiarize yourself with Norwegian Air Shuttle’s expansion as a low cost airline, watch the following video: Norwegian Air Shuttle: Compete of go home! Then, in your initial post, you need to thoroughly answer the four discussion questions found at the end of the case on p. 133. Several of these questions have multiple parts, so make sure you address all of the issues raised in each query. While answering these questions, you need to show that you understand the globalization of operations and its implications for the management process. The simplest way to approach this assignment is to present the discussion question (in all of its parts) and then answer it.

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