Study QuestionsMarbury v. Madison is a Supreme Court case t

Study QuestionsMarbury v. Madison is a Supreme Court case that… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝Established the role of the Congress in the government.⃝Created the Federal Reserve Board.⃝Protected the rights of the accused in criminal trials.⃝Established the role of the Supreme Court in the Federal Government⃝None of the aboveThe United States has a Federal form of Government. That means that… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝The powers of government are all in the hands of the Congress.⃝The President appoints the leadership of the House and Senate.⃝A majority of the states can repeal any law passed by Congress.⃝The powers of the national government are divided between the national and state governments ⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveA credit default swap is… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝A procedure for trading credit card debt for an unsecured bank loan⃝A procedure for consolidating debt⃝An insurance policy against the default of a security⃝None of the aboveIn recent history, real wages have not grown since approximately… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝1950⃝1960⃝1970⃝1980⃝1990⃝2000⃝None of the aboveWhich of the following are parts of “the American creed?” (Check as many as apply.)⃝Constitutionalism⃝Property⃝Democracy⃝Socialism⃝Individualism⃝Equality⃝Freedom⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe Cold War lasted approximately… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝From 2001 to 2013⃝From 1947 to 1991⃝From 1789 to 1856⃝From 1915 to 1917⃝None of the aboveThe Gibbons v. Ogden Supreme Court decision… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝Declared the Alien and Sedition Act illegal.⃝Established the supremacy of federal law over state law.⃝Created the notion of “one person one vote.”⃝Desegregated schools.⃝None of the aboveAdvice and consent is a procedure pertaining to… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝The selection of the Speaker of the House of Representatives⃝The selection of the Majority Leader of the Senate⃝Senatorial action on appointments to key government posts and on treaties⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe President appoints the Speaker of the House of Representatives.⃝True⃝FalseThe Articles of Confederation were… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝The Constitution of the Confederate States⃝A federation of wheat-growing states⃝The precursor to the U.S. Constitution⃝The States won by the Democratic Party in the elections of 1948The United States has a bicameral legislature.⃝True⃝FalseCitizens United v. F.E.C. was a Supreme Court decision that… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝Made it possible for the Federal Environmental Commission to issue binding orders⃝Ended the Environmental Protection Agency⃝Made it impossible for the U.S. to go to war without a vote of Congress⃝None of the aboveA filibuster is an effort by a Senator to pass a bill⃝True⃝FalseThe Second Amendment concerns the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures ⃝True⃝FalseThe Fourth Amendment concerns the right to keep and bear arms.⃝True⃝FalseBill Clinton was President for 12 years.⃝True⃝FalseDonald Trump received a majority of the popular vote in the elections of 2016.⃝True⃝FalseThe following have a Constitutional role in the judicial process… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝Congress⃝The President⃝The Supreme Court⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe 19th Amendment⃝Freed the slaves⃝Gave Chinese the right to vote⃝Prevented members of the KKK from voting⃝Gave women the right to vote⃝All of the above⃝None of the abovePlessy v. Ferguson was a Supreme Court case that… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝Legalized alcoholic drinks⃝Affirmed the doctrine of separate but equal⃝Ended the First World War⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe following have a Constitutional role in the legislative process⃝Congress⃝The President⃝The Supreme Court⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe following have a Constitutional role in the executive process⃝Congress⃝The President⃝The Supreme Court⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveCurrent candidates for President have all said that they will make major changes in government policy if elected. Can they do this by themselves?⃝Yes⃝NoThe House of Representatives is elected every two years, and each Member can serve only three terms.⃝True⃝FalseWho can introduce a bill in Congress? (Check as many as apply.)⃝The President⃝Any Senator⃝Any Member of the House of Representatives⃝Any citizen of the United States⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe following are Congressional support agencies. (Check as many as apply.)⃝Democratic National Committee⃝Republican National Committee⃝Library of Congress⃝National Association of Manufacturers⃝Government Accountability Office⃝Congressional Budget Office⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveOnce either house of Congress passes a bill, it becomes law.⃝True⃝FalseDemocratic socialism and communism are the same things.⃝True⃝FalseThe last time Congress officially declared war was…⃝World War I⃝World War II⃝The Korean War⃝The War in Vietnam⃝None of the aboveThe term of an elected President is four years, and Presidents can serve any number of terms.⃝True⃝FalseThere are only 535 elected officials of the Federal Government.⃝True⃝FalseIn the Congress, a Conference Committee… (Check the only correct answer.)⃝Meets whenever there is a need for a meeting of more than 10 Members⃝Is chosen to agree on the exact text of legislation⃝Is a Congressional delegation to the President⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe approximate percentage of those eligible to vote who have done so in the recent presidential elections is? (Check the one correct answer.)⃝95%⃝80%⃝60%⃝50%⃝30%⃝None of the aboveWhat is the number of authorized Supreme Court members? (Check the one correct answer.)⃝22⃝15⃝12⃝9⃝5The Cabinet is… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝An elegant piece of furniture in the President’s oval office since 1900⃝Any group of Senators who meet with the President⃝A group of senior officials chosen by the President to meet with him/her periodically⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveThe National Security Council is… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝A private organization concerned with national security policy⃝A council whose members are a number of European and North American countries⃝A Congressional support agency⃝A group of senior government officials concerned with national security policy⃝None of the aboveThe House and Senate Appropriations Committees are the least powerful Committees of the Congress.⃝True⃝FalseThe Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee are the ruling committees of the Federal Government, comprised of key Members of the Senate and House of Representatives.⃝True⃝FalseHow many votes are there in the Electoral College? (Check the one correct answer.)⃝1,237⃝757⃝538⃝535⃝None of the aboveA PAC is…. (Check the one correct answer.)⃝The People’s Action Commission, a lobbying group⃝The Positive Action Coalition, a group headed by Al Sharpton⃝A staff agency of the Executive Office of the President⃝A Political Action Committee⃝None of the aboveThe Congressional Research Service is…. (Check the one correct answer.)⃝A division of the Library of Congress⃝A group that does public policy research for Congress⃝The main repository of Congress institutional memory⃝All of the above⃝None of the aboveIf a President vetoes a legislative proposal, it can never become a law.⃝True⃝FalseAn elected President can serve… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝No more than 2 terms⃝No more than 4 terms⃝Any number of terms⃝None of the aboveThe Speaker of the House of Representatives is the…. (Check the one correct answer.)⃝Most important official of the Federal Government⃝Second most important official of the Federal Government⃝Third most important official of the Federal Government⃝Not an important official of the Federal Government The term of a U.S. Senator is…. (Check the one correct answer.)⃝10 years⃝8 years⃝6 years⃝4 years⃝2 years⃝None of the aboveA Presidential Executive Order cannot be challenged by Congress or the Supreme Court.⃝True⃝FalseThe following were Presidents of the United States. (Check as many as apply.)⃝Henry Wallace⃝Riley Martin⃝Robert F. Kennedy⃝Winston Churchill⃝Theodore Roosevelt⃝None of the aboveThe Majority Leader of the Senate is… (Check the one correct answer.)⃝The leader of the majority party in the Senate⃝The Senator who has been in the Senate the longest⃝Appointed by the President⃝Appointed by the Speaker of the House⃝None of the aboveThe Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has no vote unless there is a tie.⃝True⃝FalseThe President appoints the Secretary of State and does not have to clear it with anyone.⃝True⃝False

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