Review your classmates post and respond by examining their

Review your classmate’s post and respond by examining their tables and providing any developments they may have missed or placed in the wrong stage. Make suggestions for recommendations that will increase positive influences on prenatal development and decrease negative influences on prenatal development. Stages Development InfluencesAffectsRecommendationsGerminal(First two weeks)Sperm is working its way to the fallopian tube to fertilize the eggMenstruation stops if there is a successful implantationAvoid smoking, drinking, and substance abuse. This can affect the growth of the baby or cause a miscarriageIf intended to be pregnant take it easy and start on a healthy life style, eating healthy foods and doing exercise.Embryonic(Third week to eighth week)The embryo’s body begins to develop. It now have different body parts developing such as nose, ears, eyes, heart starts beating and the skin cells, nerves and other body tissue develops. At this point the embryo is no bigger than 2 inchesThe woman starts to feel different inside and starts to have symptoms of pregnancy (cravings, morning sickness, weight gain) HORMONES ARE EVERYWHERE!Female gets obnoxious and becomes unbearable to understand. Partner has to be understanding and very patient.Take a pregnancy test if you see that your period is late. If pregnancy is plan there are test that can read pregnancy early.FetalA lot of growth takes place and new developments. The fetus start making breathing motions, bones start to form, there is movement of the fetus (opening & closing eyes, body movement) The fetus grows from 3in (10weeks) to 20in and 7+ pounds at birth (38-40weeks)This is the exciting part of the pregnancy. Baby starts to move, cravings, emotions and energy are crazy. Getting comfortable is almost impossible but the seeing the baby in a 3D or regular ultrasound and hearing the heart beating (priceless moments)Avoid harmful activities, lifting heavy objects, abusing sugar and salt, intake of illegal substance and drinking.Do as doctor asked, go to appointments as prompt to, and do exercise (at least walking). Find a support system that can help you with the times to come. Bending down, reaching for objects, and completing task is not as easy as it use to be.

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