PLEASE SEPARATE ASSIGNMENT AND DISCUSSION ON TWO SEPARATE WORD DOCUMENTS. THE DISCUSSION IS DUE TONIGHT, BUT PAPER CAN BE TURNED IN TOMORROW.ASSIGNMENT:For this assignment, address the following sections in 10–12 pages:Part 1 Select a current issue in criminal justice and begin to research previous studies and literature that are available using the library, Internet, and other available resources. Choose an issue that relates to one of the following criminal justice topics: Corrections Juvenile justice Victimology Then, write the draft of the introduction to the topic and related issues (variables) that impact this issue. Follow the introduction with a summary statement of the purpose for your research. Part 2 Then, develop a literature review (annotated bibliography) with a minimum of 10 references that will begin the research for your research project. Part 3 How do you intend to gather the data for your study? Explain. What are 3–4 types of statistical methods can be used to analyze the data? Explain in detail What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of statistical data analysis method? Explain. Which method do you prefer to use most? Why? ASSIGNMENT MUST BE STARTED TO OBTAIN HYPOTHESIS BEFORE YOU CAN COMPLETE THIS DISCUSSION!!!!! DISCUSSION:Create your hypothesis for your Individual Project in Unit 2 before completing this assignment. Quantitative design should address the descriptive and the inferential statistical analysis that will be used to analyze the data. Qualitative design needs should define how the data will be organized, what trends will be looked at, and how differences and similarities will be identified. Explain the various means available to you for gathering data on the topic you have chosen. Explain at least 3 different means of collecting appropriate data and how you would analyze it. What challenges exist when collecting quantitative data? What challenges exist when collecting qualitative data?

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