Please answer the following three questions and give me bac

Please answer the following three questions and give me back a 3-page work. 1. Find a recent whistle-blowing case in the news. Research the story and report onwhat the informer did right or wrong. (1 page limit) 2. There is a famous case of corporate irresponsibility having to do with the design ofthe gas tank of the Ford Pinto in the early 1970’s. Research this case, concentratingon the role of the Ford engineers. Does the engineer’s ethical responsibility toprotect the public apply here, and should they have blown the whistle on thisquestionable design? ( 1 page limit) 3. The Challenger Space Shuttle blew up in 1986, 73 seconds into its tenth mission,killing all seven crew members. Was this disaster primarily caused by badengineering, bad management, political pressure placed on NASA managers, or lackof communication between the engineers and NASA management? Who do youthink was ultimately at fault? What can an engineer take away from this story? (1page limit)

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