Now Showing – Is a feature of this course that encourages

Now Showing – Is a feature of this course that encourages you to view any or all of the film choices each week. You are required to select two films from the entire film library in the course, and answer the two Reflect questions on TWO films presented in the course 30 points each review.DirectionsReview the information about Now Showing and answering the Reflect questions below by going to Course Documents > Now Showing > Now Showing DirectionsUse the One-page response format for your Now Showing essay. Guidance for writing a One-page response can be found in Course Documents. You will integrate both questions in your response. The idea is to demonstrate an understanding of the major political theme/themes in the film and relate these to what we are studying that particular week. This is another outlet to assist students to critically review and evaluate the material in our topic of study.Submit your One-page response for the Now Showing assignment by going to Course Documents > Now Showing > and selecting the assignment titled Movie Number 1 or Movie Number 2 if you have already submitted one Now Showing essay. ONE PAGE ONLY GradingThis assignment is worth 30 points toward your final course grade. I will grade your essay using the Now Showing Grading Criteria found in the Course Documents button in the Blackboard menu.We Were SoldiersWe Were Soldiers is about Lt. General Hal Moore and his command of the First Battalion, Seventh Cavalry in the Battle of la Drang Valley, November 14, 1965, the first battle of the Vietnam War. Witnessing the battle, reporter Joe Galloway records for posterity the cruel twists of war and what it looks like calling for “Broken Arrow,” as the U.S. position is threatened to be overrun.ReflectExamine how the featured film relates to the course content the week it is introduced. Relate how the film conveys or illustrates a theory or perspective.

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