I would like the essay to be ether about war photograhy in

I would like the essay to be ether about: war photograhy in iraq, women in the war, even possibly WOMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) you could pick anything that has to with the Iraq war. Global Warming is also an idea. Please help me pick a topic that has lots of information regarding it. I have to do a 4-5 page essay. I need a draft essay proposal (including Introduction and Thesis Statement) for Essay 2, the Researched Position Essay. This must be typed, in a well-organized format of your choosing; please use Times New Roman 12-point type, that you may treat my eyes (part of your audience!) with respect. Please keep all process. This should include all drafts of the pitch, notes from your reading, and any other notes and brainstorming that went into the pitch.. An updated draft of the pitch, plus an essay outline as well.

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