Hello, I have a history essay that requires to read all doc

Hello, I have a history essay that requires to read all document and responds: Examine all of the assigned chapters and documents, as well as the Power Point(s) in the folder. It may be helpful to consider the following: 1. What do Smith and Buettner’s accounts tell us about Revolutionary War soldiers? What was life as a soldier like? What were their motivations?How do these accounts shape your understanding of this period in history? 2. How do the other authors understand freedom and liberty within the Revolutionary moment? 3. What rights are the authors asking for (or demanding)? 4. What do these documents tell us about the class, gender, and racial structures at the time and their influence on power? What do the sources ‘Voice of freedom’ and “Smith” and “Buettner’s” reveal about the period we are studying? What insight does each document provide? In other words, how does it relate to the textbook readings ‘Give me liberty’? The Power Points? Try to place the different sources “in conversation” with each other to understand a time period You need to rely less on summary and demonstrate more of your own analysis.You don’t have to use the “one paragraph per source” structure. You might try to look for common themes and connections (or contradictions) between the readings. Synthesize this evidence to support your argument. NOTE: Do NOT use outside internet sources to try to understand these documents. Please Use all sources I proved into the essay. Citation: Cite by the article’s name+pp. For example: When citing the textbook, list the title in italics and page number(s): Ex) (Give Me Liberty, pp. 468-469) When citing a primary source in ‘Voice of freedom’, list the first two or three words of the title and page number(s), if available: Ex) (“American Soldiers in the Philippines,” p. 5) Ex) (Hawaii’s Last Queen) When citing a Power Point, list “Power Point” and topic: Ex) (Power Point, Reconstruction and Jim Crow) Length: 2 pages I don’t need to use too much academic words.

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