Have to read the following 3 articles and answer the questi

Have to read the following 3 articles and answer the question. There are two parts to the question (a) Explain what respondents mean when they declare that they do not belong to any religion?Are they atheist or do you think they subscribe instead to a civil religion, a new age orpost-modern religion or are they attracted to other religions (religions they were not borninto) or even have a different approach to life such as humanism? Why so? Discuss.(60 marks) (b) Describe and explain what constitutes the religious landscape in Singapore society. Whydo you think the religious landscape in Singapore has changed over the years? How doyou think the religiously-involved and fervent group may co-exist peacefully with thenon-religious minority?(40 marks) To answer the TMA question, you should refer to relevant materials from the course e.g., therelevant portions of the study guide and course readings such as Szonyi (2009), Esposito et al(2008), Mitchell (2006) and McFaul (2006). In addition, you should locate sources external tothe course by conducting your own research through UniSIM’s online library resources(including media articles and journal articles) and incorporate insights or data from these intoyour essay. Please ensure that your answer applies specific, relevant social sciences concepts (e.g.,secularisation, multiculturalism, identity, civil religion, religious marketplace, choices ofindividuals, new age religions, post-modern religions, religion and globalisation, etc.) andperspectives covered by the course. Your essay should demonstrate competence in theperspectives on religion offered by the course, where relevant (e.g., sociology, anthropology,and/or history of religions). You should address each part of the TMA question in a single continuous essay with a goodintroduction and conclusion – utilising sub-headers where necessary to help you organiseyour arguments. Word limit: 1200 I have attached my assignment under TMA02

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