Follow the instructions down and in fie that I attach it,s

Follow the instructions down and in fie that I attach it,see the grades ,see the samples,read the requirement of assignment. Read the Case File and Use the number of summary for case to make Fact sheetNotesI made calculation for the case you must use it in the fact sheet So you do not need to make calculatiom ( see the attach)Fact sheet must be completed by each team member (individual assignment, not a team assignment)Must include your name on the sheetMust provide the topic areas listed. For example, Bethesda Mining had the following topic areas:Fact sheet has facts, figures, data, and executive summary; not a ‘how to manual’ Use charts, tables, and graphs to summarize information For each case, students must provide summarize his/her individual analysis in a summary document/fact-sheet which is limited to 4-pages Assignment:Review the Harvard Business School Case (Brief Case) – #4212, dated September 15, 2010Consider the following in your analysis – be specific, identify assumptions, include computations, as appropriate: Using the most common capital budgeting methods that most managers prefer which project(s) would you select; and why is/are the project(s) more compelling? Consider which project(s), if selected would cannibalize current sales of new heritage dolls. How might this impact your decision? Considering “what if” analysis, which project(s) would you select and why? Given the constraints outlined in the case, how might your analysis change; which project(s) would you select? Identify options to overcome the constraints outlined. Outline the argument Ms. Harris should use “sell” her decision to each member of the capital budgeting committee, including Ingrid Beckwith The gadesOverview and Assumptions – 5 ptsUnderstanding of capital budgeting techniques/computations – 10 pts’What if’ Analysis and impact on decision – 10 ptsRationale and Recommendation including both tangible and intangible benefits – 10 ptsSelling points to capital budgeting committee – 10 ptsFormat and Layout of Information – 5 pts Samples of fact sheet FactSheet_example1.png (47.425 KB) FactSheet_example1.jpg (201.744 KB) Fact-sheet-example2.jpg (218.22 KB) Fact-sheet-template-5412.png (146.035 KB) Avoid Plagiarism,Follow the instructions ,the fact sheet must be 4 pages

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