Explain risk/need/responsivity and criminogenic needs. Appl

Explain risk/need/responsivity and criminogenic needs. Apply these concepts to the following scenario: Imagine that you are a probation officer who has been assigned a new client, named Sally, who has just been sentenced to two years of probation for driving under the influence of alcohol. This is her second offense. Sally is 35 years old and has admitted to being addicted to alcohol. Sally is not married, does not have any children, and has been estranged from her parents for about five years because they do not approve of her excessive alcohol use. Sally does have a boyfriend, and he works on and off at the same temporary agency where Sally works. Sally admits to you that he often encourages her to keep drinking when she wants to stop because she states that he also has a problem with alcohol. His license was revoked several years ago after he was convicted of his third driving under the influence charge, and he always makes her drive him to and from the bars where they go to see their friends every day after work. Textbook: Community based corrections tenth edition Leanne Fiftal Alarid engage learning

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