Evolutionary Psychology Evolutionary psychology is a highly

Evolutionary Psychology Evolutionary psychology is a highly contentious topic among evolutionary biologists. Read the relevant parts of chapter 7 in Evolution. In Module 1, there is a list of journals that you will want to explore for this assignment (if you discover other journals with relevant information, please let the class know). Another pertinent journal is http://human-nature.com/ep/.Choose one research article that interests you (please do your best to avoid using the same articles that other students have already presented). You may find articles that are commentaries, but you should try to find primary research articles; avoid articles from the popular press. Most of the assigned readings have concentrated on ethical behavior, but evolutionary psychology concerns all aspects of behavior. You may post additional articles on ethical behavior, but I encourage you to look for articles that deal with other aspects of behavior, such as behavioral differences between the sexes, addictive behavior, and various personality differences.Analyze the article. Do you feel the results of the study were valid–why or why not? Prepare a presentation of a few paragraphs for your classmates and argue your position. Consider, for example, what new questions need to be investigated. How would you do this? In addition, comment on at least one posting submitted by a classmate that you agree with, and one posting that you disagree with and your reasons for your opinion. Pay attention to the experimental design of the study and the assumptions embedded in it. Debate with your classmates the various points of view.

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