Compare and contrast the theorist you selected with the on

Compare and contrast the theorist you selected with the ones your classmates selected. ( I choose Jean Piaget). The theorist I am most drawn to is B.F. Skinner. B.F. Skinner was a behaviorist. He believed children learned by reinforcements or punishments. As a mother, I use this technique quite often. For instance, I just finshed potty training my daughter. To get her to the bathroom, my husband and I had what we called the ‘potty bubbles’. My daughter absolutely loves bubbles, so once she realized we were blowing her bubbles every time she went to the potty, she started to go all the time. We then had a special treat (usually consisting of chuck e cheese’s) we treated her to for going all week. It got to the point where they knew we were coming in. Although we have completed that stage in her life, we use this method to teach her other things. She is now doing well at tracing her name, numbers and alphabet. We also use this method when it comes to teaching my son. He just turned one on the first of the year, so he is just now becoming extremely curious. He is wanting to touch and open everything. He use to get into the toilets all the time, We had to pop his hand and tell him ‘no’ a few times, resulting in him not messing with the toilets anymore. We also encourage and give positive reinforcements when he does something right. He likes it when he eats all his food and we all say, ‘good job Izzy.’ He starts to smile and hop up and down and clap his hands. He gets very excited.I think we all use this method every now and then. It was something my parents used, and because I’ve seen first hand how effective it can be, believe in. Although I don’t think this will be as effective when they get older, this method is great for teaching children at this age.

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