AssignmentWrite a letter to your instructor requesting a l

Assignment:Write a letter to your instructor requesting a letter of recommendation. You may be applying tograduate school, for a scholarship, for an internship, or for a full-time job. You select thescenario that is most applicable to your current situation.Preparation:Review Chapter 7: Writing Routine and Positive Messages Format:Use the modified block letter format for this assignment. Please refer to page for anexplanation of the block and modified block formats. The example in your book on page 422 is ablock format letter while the example on page 423 is modified block letter format. Please notethe differences carefully.The format of your letter tells the reader a lot about you and your professionalism. Pay particularattention to your letter’s margins, line spacing, font type and size, and placement of letter partssuch as the return address, date, inside address, salutation, complimentary close, and signatureblock. If there isno office listed, please use the Communication Arts Department office (p.170)Introduction/Opening: Begin your letter with an introductory paragraph that states your purposeand makes the request. Assume the reader will want to comply with your request.Body/Discussion:In the first paragraph of the body include information that refreshes the reader’s memory aboutyour relationship with him/her.In the second paragraph refer to your resume (you do not need to include your resume) andelaborate on experience that distinguishes you from other applicants or candidates.In the third paragraph of the body (the fourth paragraph of the letter), provide the name andtitle of the person you would like the letter be mailed to and provide a reasonable deadline forsending the letter. Mention the preaddressed stamped envelope to encourage a timely response;however, you do not need to include a preaddressed stamped envelope for this assignment.Conclusion/Closing: Begin your closing paragraph with a courteous transition and thank thereader in advance for his/her time. Conclude your letter by indicating how the reader may contactyou if he/she has any questions.

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