Assignment 6 Questions to be Answered1. What was the genera

Assignment 6 Questions to be Answered:1. What was the general attitude of the people and the government of the USduring the 1800’s towards nature? What specific acts were put in placeto exemplify this attitude? What is the manifest destiny?2. Why did the Railroad companies to hire artists? Whatwere these artists trying to convey through the art? Describe thecharacteristics they included.3. Describe and compare Thomas Moran and AlbertBierstadt’s paintings in your own words, which painting had the mostimpact on you and why?4. What was the style that the early California artistslike Granville Redmond followed, describe this style, what were theytrying to capture?5. Do a google search on one other Early CaliforniaImpressionist, write a 1/2 page on their life and work. Pick a paintingof theirs that you particularly liked and compare it with GranvilleRedmond, similarities differences etc.

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