Assignment 6.2I suggest that you complete this assignment AF

Assignment 6.2I suggest that you complete this assignment AFTER completing Discussion 6.1 initial post AND replies.Put together a 3-paragraph analysis of a chosen advertisement:1. Rhetorical Context of the Ad and a detailed summary of the ad ( see this week’se discussion) – 5-7 sentences2. Analyze the structure of the ad: its claim (Usually it can be stated as ‘Buy/use this product/service’); offered reasons (e.g to be ‘cool’ or ‘to stay healthy.’ and so on). State what offered as evidence (of being ‘cool,’ healthy, and so on). Also explain if the logos (claim+reasons+evidence) makes sense in the ad, or if the ad relies more on other appeals.3. Identify and briefly illustrate all possible other appeals to gender, socio-economic status, race, emotions, the idea of ‘cool,’ sense of nostalgia an so on and so forth: 2-3 sentences for each recognized appeal.Rely on the information from the weekly readings here to guide you in your analysis. Note: Please remember that by completing this assignment, you are preparing for an upcoming paper. If the initially chosen advertisement gives you little to analyze, choose another one. While some links to video ads in the given articles might not be working (online content does disappear!), the ones that do work might give you ideas for analysis.

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