Application PaperEach student will write a three page opin

Application Paper:Each student will write a three page opinion paper (in their own words) to be turned in through the assignment function.The paper should be submitted in Microsoft Word or rich text format.If I can’t open the paper I can’t grade it.The paper should discuss some aspect of society or social life such as religion, family, or political organization or a social problem such as poverty, discrimination, etc.It cannot be so general that the focus is an entire chapter.The paper must correctly use at least 25 different terms learned in this course.Each term should be underlined and numbered.The term should be used in such a way that it is clear to me that you understand the meaning of the term.Listing a string of terms is not acceptable. If there is an “and/ or”all the terms used in that phrase count as one.All forms of a concept count as one.Do not use more than 25 concepts.I will only grade the first 25 concepts used.This assignment will count 12.5 percent toward your final grade. See Course Schedule at the end of this syllabus for due date.Late assignments will not be accepted unless there is an approved documented excuse. The application paper should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and submitted through the assignment function on Blackboard.The assignment should be typed using 12pt. font, double-spaced, in MS-Word format.Format Example: Deer Hunting Deer hunting is an important part of the culture(1) of the rural south. It is a modern carryover from ancient hunting and gathering(2) traditions. Deer hunting was an big part of my socialization(3) as a young person growing up in southwest Georgia. (etc.) This is an example of a good topic. It is personal, narrow and interesting.

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