Antonio is a five-year-old boy whose parents have recently

Antonio is a five-year-old boy whose parents have recently divorced. He is the youngest of four boys in the family and attends the local Head Start. The early childhood professionals are concerned because Antonio has recently had some social difficulties with peers. For example, he refuses to participate in group games, plays alone and resists bids for cooperative play. His mother reports that he appears to get angry more easily since the divorce and has a hard time calming himself down, which the early childhood professionals have also observed. Identify the important milestones children ages two through six years learn about their feelings and relationships with the people in their lives. With this in mind, how can you as an early childhood provider set up the environment to meet Antonio’s needs at this time? Explain how you would include peers in this process. Describe ideas you can share with Antonio’s mother for the home environment. Please be sure to discuss how rules, routines, and guidance strategies can set the stage for success for young children. Unit 8 Resources Fox, J. E. (n.d.) Back to Basics: Play in Early Childhood. Early Childhood News. Retrieved from Sparrow, J. (n.d.) Behavior Problems: Discipline That Works. Parents. Retrieved from Kohn, A. (2001, Sept). Five Reasons to Stop Staying “Good Job!” Young Children. Retrieved from Gartrell, D. (2001, Nov). Replacing Time-Out: Part One-Using Guidance to Build an Encouraging Classroom. Young Children. Retrieved from Virtual Tour of Classroom

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