Analyze this post and share your own experiences and add an

Analyze this post and share your own experiences and add an additional benefit that was not included in the initial post. Dear Parents and Community members, Though there are many choices for child care in our community, let me tell you of all of the benefits from having your child here at the local Early Head Start and Head Start center. We believe that every child deserves a head start in life and learning. We believe that your child should have access to a program that is a total developmental program involving nurturing, stimulating atmosphere that promotes early brain development, successful social experiences, and positive learning experiences. We also believe that it is important to involve the family in the program to ensure success. We are a government funded facility that encourages volunteers and our community to get involved in the education of our children. In the EHS program, we have dedicated and educated teachers that progress with your children. What I mean is, when your child is ready to move classrooms because it is no longer developmentally appropriate for them, the teacher moves with them. Each teacher is with the same four children she cares for, for the first three years of their lives in the center. This forms a bond between the teacher and the student that can last a lifetime, that I have personally experienced. In our Head Start program we have low teacher child ratios that better serve your personal goals for your child’s learning and education. We differentiate for each child to make sure that they get the best early childhood education. Teachers also form a relationship with the parents to ensure that they are meeting the goals and outcomes that they have set for their child. As a specialist in the Childhood development field, G.R. Lefrancois states, “there are benefits related to social skills and to later progress in schools. “ (2012). Socialization is also a key factor in why your child will benefit from attending. Being around peers will help them understand how to be a positive influence in a social setting. It will also help them to build a better immune system from being in a social setting. Making sure your child is ready for kindergarten and possibly ahead in brain development is our goal. I believe that being at our center has so many benefits that it would outweigh any doubts that may arise. We hope that you will consider all of the things that our center has to offer and we appreciate the opportunity to serve your family!Lefrançois, G. R. (2012). Children’s journeys: Exploring early childhood. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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