After reading several of the chapters, I am sure you are now

After reading several of the chapters, I am sure you are now aware that what is a social solution (a way of life or lifestyle) for some people in any particular society is a social problem for others in another society.Directions1. After watching some of the videos, and studying the chapter, identify and explain 3 specific ways the collective lifestyle of Americans causes specific social problems for people living in specific low income countries. For example, how is the $19.99 apparel most of us wear a product of exploitation of workers in, say, Bangladesh, or how is the latest consumer electronics (iPad or smartphone) Americans are using a product of child labor and conflict in the Congo?2. It is important to provide supporting evidence to your claims. Make sure to integrate 3 relevant concepts and definitions (such as environment, environmental racism, globalization, government, post industrialization, capitalism, embargo, colonization etc.) in your essay.3. For the last paragraph of your essay, take a carbon footprint test using one of the hotlinks provided below and then reflect and analyze the outcome of your assessment. You may consider describing what actions you could take do to mitigate the problem. 4. It is important to cite and to reference your sources including the textbook. Cite and reference your all sources. See for direct instructions. length : 3 pages Uses APA Style to write essay and cite reference sources.

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