ach weekly folder will contain a list of assignments to help

ach weekly folder will contain a list of assignments to help you stay organized. Due Wednesday, March 1:Read the pages on Advertisement Analysis linked belowAd Analysis ( For Analyzing Ads( 6.1Due Sunday, March 5:Read more pages on Advertisement Analysis linked belowAnalyzing Ads: Socioeconomic Status( Ads: Race( Analyzing Ads: Gender( a minimum of two responses for the 6.1Discussion topic.This week’s discussion revolves around understanding persuasion techniques in advertisement.Before composing your Wednesday post, please first read the two articles linked on the Week 6 Assignments page: 1) ‘Ad Analysis’ and 2) ‘Language for Analyzing Ads.’Second, find an interesting print or video advertisement.Suggestions: An interesting ad would be the one that is funny or controversial, which implies a strong emotional response. It could be somewhat offensive (again a strong emotion), or it can defy stereotypes. Bear in mind that you will be engaged with the analysis of this ad for a week and then you will likely continue with the same ad for your Visual Argument Analysis paper. Anticipating a possible question, yes, you will be able to change your mind and find an ad for the paper different form your chosen ad this week:-)Super Bowl event usually gives us a good number of funny and extravagant ads. It is also interesting to follow the ad-evolution of old brands like Old Spice or Dove products, automotive companies fighting for the growing up consumers, and re-branding attempts of fast food producers.Consider the questions offered in the first article ‘Ad Analysis’ that ask you to analyze people portrayed in the ad, its settingand audience, emotions portrayed and anticipated emotional reaction of the viewers.The second article ‘Language for Analyzing Ads’ explains that to sell a product a service, the advertisers really try to sell us something else, something that they think we, consumers, want: a lifestyle, an idea, a myth. They appeal to our sentimental feelings of nostalgia, our desire to be ‘cool,’ or our culturally stereotypical idea of ‘the ideal you’ – a version of our best self that exists in the shared imagination of buyers and sellers.Your initial post will have two parts:1) Set the Rhetorical Context of the ad – that is describe when it was created or aired, where it appeared originally and where you accessed it, and what product or service it is selling (1-2 sentences). If the ad can be found online, post the link to it. If you saw it offline, explain where classmates can find it. Then briefly explain what happens in the ad (3-5 sentences). As you do this, use adjectives and offer details. For example instead of ‘a man pours water on himself,’ write ‘a middle-aged Hispanic man of athletic build energetically pours a bucket of apparently icy-cold water on his naked torso.’ Make notes of images, text, and, in the case of video ads, sounds that make up the ad.2) In the second paragraph, develop the initial analysis by referencing as many of the elements discussed in the two articles as possible: type of people portrayed, setting of the ad, audience, emotions, ideas behind the ad (what ideas are being sold). Pick and choose what you can effectively identify and explain. You do not have to include every single element.DUE: This is your ‘initial post,’ Replies:Before composing your two Sunday replies, first finish reading the articles assigned for this week that focus on socioeconomic status, race and gender portrayed in the ad. Each article has a ‘checklist’ or a bulleted list of points that help you analyze each aspect.Second, read your classmates’ initial posts and find twoposts you want to respond to by further analyzing the ads referenced in the posts.For each post and its ad, choose one aspect you want to analyze: socioeconomic status OR race OR gender.Write a well developed paragraph of 7-10 sentences explaining how the appeal to gender, race or socioeconomic status are used, if there are any old stereotypes being exploited, or if the stereotypes are being defied by the ad. Please vary your replies: if for one post you focused on gender appeal and stereotypes, then do NOT focus on gender in your second reply.

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