3 word pages (we need to write about Google Inc) Project Inf

3 word pages (we need to write about Google Inc) Project Information Provide a brief description of the enterprise (can be hypothetical) where the system integration design proposal has the potential of being adopted. Describe the overall project objectives. List the business or technical needs that will be met by the project. List the major components of the project (major systems that will be integrated). This list may change after further analysis is completed. List the boundaries of the project (what the project will not address). Material can be taken from the approved proposal that you submitted. Be sure that this project is approved by the instructor. Project Plan This contains the work breakdown structure (WBS) for all of the tasks that will be required to complete the project. Determine the start and completion dates (within the course’s start and end dates). List other resources that are required to complete the project. System Integration Best Practices Based on what you learned during completion of the Discussion Board activity, identify best practice areas you will cover in your project. Provide a diagram that shows the process flow that you intend to use for designing the systems integration architecture. Make sure that the document is in APA format.

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