3-5 pagesErnesto Lecuona (1895-1963), known as ‘The Cuban Ge

3-5 pagesErnesto Lecuona (1895-1963), known as ‘The Cuban Gershwin’ is Cuba’s most prolific composer, having composed an estimated 600 works, including 400 songs. His 600 compositions ranged from songs to piano compositions, from ballets to zarzuelas, and from film scores to orchestral suites. Lecuona’s music remains popular in Latin America and Spain currently, but continues to be relatively unknown in the United States. I will present facts on Lecuona’s life and his contribution to Afro-Cuban music. References Internet Sources All Music (n.d.) http://www.allmusic.com/artist/ernesto-lecuona-mn0… Blast! – Malaguena (2006, June 23). Retrieved from www.youtube.com: Songwriters Hall of Fame (2002) retrieved from : http://www.songwritershalloffame.org/exhibits/bio/… Library Sources Perez, F., & Olga, C. (2013). Ernesto Lecuona: HIs Life and His Songs. Retrieved February 9, 2017, from https://etd.ohiolink.edu: https://etd.ohiolink.edu/!etd.send_file?accession=… Tan, A. L. (2004). Structure, rhythm and harmony in the Spanish and Cuban danzas of Ernesto Lecuona. Retrieved February 8, 2017, from handle.net/: http://hdl.handle.net/10497/2234 . Villaverde, C. (2011). Cinco Canciones Con Versos De Juana De Ibarbourou: The Art Song Style Of Ernesto Lecuona. Retrieved from www.fsu.edu: http://diginole.lib.fsu.edu/etd/5249

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