12 Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Can the sound of music or the mea

12 Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Can the sound of music or the meaning of song lyrics cause listeners to do thingsthey would not otherwise do?13 Progressive and Glitter Rock Progressive rock is sometimes called pretentious. Why do you think that is? Whydoes androgyny make some people uncomfortable? To what degree was glitter anexpression of homosexuality, and to what degree was it merely rebellion againstthose who were easily offended by it? Might glitter have reflected or promoted thegay rights movement?14 Ska and Reggae Reggae is music of politically and socially oppressed people in Jamaica. Is theinternational popularity of reggae most likely to be based on its identiy with thosepeople, or is it popular more because it is good dance music? Might the reasonsfor reggae’s popularity in England be different from those for its popularity in theUnited States? Why? What current bands play ska or reggae?15 Punk Rock and New Wave Punk is angry music and it is most effective when the anger is directed at someparticular issue, person, or practice. In what ways do Christian Punk bands handleboth religious and Punk attitudes? What about New Wave, which is generally fairlyalienated from emotion? Could it express a positive or religious messageeffectively?16 Funk and Disco Along with most rock music, funk is a style that is primarily dominated by maleperformers (at least as group leaders), whereas many disco stars are female. Howdo those styles each compare with other rock styles that are or are not also maledominated? are the male-dominated styles ones that women would not care toperform or is there something inherently macho about them to the point that fansdo not want to hear female performers? Are there any characteristics about discothat give it particular appeal for women and homosexuals?17 Hip-Hop and RapRap music tends to have a racial identity. To what degree does that reject the ideaof racial integration as an ideal?18 Pop and Alternative stylesIf you were a new music artist trying to get noticed by the masses, where wouldyou go to get attention? Is MTV still a viable option? Why do you feel that way?The term alternative is still used today when describing some music. What doesthat mean?19 Alienated and Back to the Roots RockMuch postpunk alternative music is much more depressed than rock music of thesixties, when many musicians and fans were really experiencing war and death in Vietnam. What might have been attractive about death and depressed themes foryoung people during the eighties? What rock styles express similar themes today?20 Rock in the Nineteen ninetiesIt is true that music separates the generations? How do bands like Led Zeppelin,the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, whose music is often popular with both theyoungest and oldest rock fans, transcend the generation gap, or do they21 Rock in the Early two-Thousands Are there any limits to the emotions that might be expressed in rock music? Is thestatement that only the poor go to war, as expressed in the song ‘B.Y.O.B.,’correct? Who is in the US military today and why are they there? Was there ever atime when young people were required to go to war even if they absolutely did notwant to?

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