1. Which of the following is TRUE about American political p

1. Which of the following is TRUE about American political parties?a. That you must be of the same economic bracket as the others who have already join any particular party.b. Party label can carry with it clear messages about ideology and issue positions.c. Most people in one political party do not share the same views on major issues.d. Political parties do not have labels associated with them. 2. Which of the following consists of the voters who associate themselves with a party?a. policy makersb. party in the electoratec. a citizen who does not identify with a political partyd. party organizer3. George Washington was a firm believer in political parties within the American government.a. True b. False4. What is the significance of the Anti-Federalists and Federalists in relation to the establishment of political parties?a. When the constitution was beingdeveloped, the Federalists and Anti-Federalists formed political partiesand included them within the constitution.b. The political parties was the only thing that both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists agreed upon.c. Political parties have no relation to the Federalists and Anti-Federalists because both disliked political parties.d. The differing views of the Federalistsand Anti-Federalists and its supporters were the catalyst for theAmerican political parties.5. Which is TRUE of the early American political parties?a. They were strongly supported by all of the founders of the constitution.b. They were the same then as they are today.c. They dissolved immediately after the creation of the US constitution.d. They started off weak, but have over time evolved dynamically.6. Political parties are vital to the changes that take place in the American political system.a. True b. False7. Which of the following is a political party most likely to do?a. Adjust the ideology to reflect the interests of black voters who make up a vital part of their party.b. Change the name of the political party to better suit its supporters.c. Push an ideology that will mostly satisfy the opposing party.d. Make very little effort to getting one of their members in office.8. What is the purpose of a national party’s platform?a. It is a social gathering to meet other people of the same political party.b. Party platforms are only used during presidential elections but not usually implemented.c. It is a stage on which the party has its nomination ceremony.d. It covers a party’s stances on key issues and how the party intends to tackle those issues.9. Political parties are an integral part of the American governmental system.a. True b. False

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