1. the measure of all things rational function use incredibl

1. the measure of all things rational function use incredible application part science social…almost all things of our life.maybe we can express to formula in all nature phenomena. thats why we need learn math for answer to asking principle of world.2. Is god a mathmatician? This is title of mario livio’ book. I was wondered always math is invention or discover? I don’t know. but I think we live for find god’s harmonious works: maybe world is god’s math solution. 3. Aftermath Aftermath means negative consequence. lookalike the aftermath of the tsunamimath is always tsunami. it’s me. but I’m not anxious for that. because einstein is also as his words. we learn so many math formular. it looks easy and simple but we don;t know someone in this class found new idea or formula as einstein although now grade too bad. need to grammar check and presentation script. simple and simple

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