1) Please help me answer these questions using the Edberg te

1) Please help me answer these questions using the Edberg text book and APA formatting, thanks! Reviewing Chapter 5, let’s consider again the link between ethnomedical (and ethnopsychiatric) systems and moral judgments and stigma. How does this knowlege impact you, the RN practicing under the ANA’s Code of Ethics? Does stigma, at times, run deep within our cultures of care? Is it, perhaps, possible that the very people charged with ethical care sometimes pass moral judgment?Thinking of your current practice and/or how you might impact the future of culturally responsive nursing care, what is your responsibility here, according to the Code?Plan for about 100-150 word reflective response. NO citation required. 2) In the module, you are directed to search the article titled: Formulation of a Plan of Care for Culturally Diverse Patients. This gives you added practice at searching the databases specifically.Prepare an APA citation for this article (1 point) (only do not worry about hanging indents and double-spacing in these small response boxes) Summarize the article (1 paragraph).How did the article have meaning for you? What did you really like about this ‘oldie’ but classic article? What was at least on one ‘ah-ha’ moment or reaction to your readings?

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