1. For your main post, review several recent articles (publi

1. For your main post, review several recent articles (published within the past 2 years) on the subject of one of the following: Network security tools Strong password security Encryption practices In your initial post include the following: Give a summary of the article, including the primary topic, your own summary of the information presented including how knowing this information can benefit a company, and the author’s conclusion. 2. use information from the CERT Coordination Center (www.cert.org), or another trustworthy resource you utilize in your workplace, identify the latest vulnerability (0 to 3 months) for an operating system of your choice. List the threat, the criticality of the threat, the potential impact to a business, the suggested solution(s), the systems that are affected, and the actions you would take as a system administrator to mitigate the threat. 3. Evaluate a given security policy and practice (hands-on) implementing the needed administrative security controls. For this written assignment assume the following security policy has just been adopted by your company and you as the network administrator are responsible for implementing the “mechanism” to enforce this policy. Policy Statement: Passwords are the most frequently utilized form of authentication for accessing a computing resource. Due to the widespread use of weak passwords, the proliferation of automated password-cracking programs, and the activity of malicious attackers, they are very often also the weakest link in securing data. Password use must therefore adhere to the following policy statement: All passwords mush be strong passwords and follow the standards below. Be at least ten characters in length Contain at least one lowercase character Contain at least one number Contain at least one special character Contain at least one uppercase character Cannot contain your first name, last name, or username Cannot match your last three passwords. Must be changed every 90 days To maximize your learning with this written assignment, it is recommended that you research how passwords standards can be enforced (your choice of the target OS) and that you attempt to implement this policy on a non-production system – preferably one that you have implemented for use in this course. In a two page (maximum) paper, delineate the process you would adopt, specific to your chosen OS platform, to enable enforcement of the password policy. Include screen shots of scripts and/ or application settings that you utilized to accomplish this assignment. Be sure to proof and edit your work before submitting. Always cite your source using APA guidelines. Be sure to proof and edit your work before posting. Always cite your source using APA guidelines.

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