1-Explain at least two ways inwhich ethnocentrism, stereoty

1-Explain at least two ways inwhich ethnocentrism, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination act asbarriers to effective intercultural communication.2-We all belong to variouscultural groups. Identify two groups you belong to both voluntary andinvoluntary. Describe your membership to each group. Then explain how belongingto that group influences your perceptions of others within and outside of yourcultural group.3-Explain the importance ofhistories and their relationship to cultural identities. Why is it important todiscover histories when studying intercultural communication?4-Explain the differences in howidentities are developed from a minority versus majority group members in theUnited States.5-Identify and describe thebenefits and challenges of interpersonal intercultural relationships. Thendiscuss the impacts of interpersonal intercultural relationships on our abilityto communicate across cultures. 2 to 3 paragraphs for each topic

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