1. Discuss the market system and the need for ethics in busi

1. Discuss the market system and the need for ethics in business and distinguish it from the law and concepts of virtue and morality. 2.Discuss ethics in the context of relativism, psychological egoism, utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. 3. Discuss the ideas of character ethic, female ethic, human rights, and ethical action. 4. Discuss the factors influencing employee issues including the right to work, employment at will, due process and employee participation, health and safety standards, family responsibilities, the right to privacy, and substance abuse testing. 5. Discuss the professional ethics and responsibilities of intermediaries, managerial responsibility and loyalty, and employee responsibilities to the community. 6. Discuss how the traits of ethical leaders and the influence of the group affect moral responsibility. Provide an example in your writing. 7. Discuss how this class has changed your behavior as it relates to ethical business decisions. Minimum of 500 words per question

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